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So, i have a secret...

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Hey Girl!

So i'm so excited to announce that i'm a cast mate for a new podcast titled #SavedGirlSecrets! I've been the "saved girl" who felt like I was the only saved friend, the one who everyone leaned on but didn't have that same support. There have been several times I've gone through certain situations where I felt ashamed, and that "I" of all people shouldn't have put myself in. What I love most is that our table is truly authentic and true with each woman sitting at it. To Ayana Abakah of #TheHaiRazor, Lauren Wells of #TheStyleWells ,

and Shardae Pressley of #CoolSavedChicks thank you for this new journey of cultivating sisterhood for the christian woman! Needless to say, my sista-frens and I gather to discuss our most embarrassing and vulnerable moments. But this isn't your ordinary podcast, take a look below and tune in every Monday as we share our stories centered around truth, transparency and transformation! #SavedGirlSecrets can be found on YouTube by #CoolSavedChicksTV, Apple, Spotify and all other streaming platforms now!


Denisah Shonte'


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