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Hi Spirit Feeders!

We have an announcement! Better together was a proudly declared mantra in the thick of our nation's unrest last spring. Hearing thousands declare that we are"Better Together" struck a nerve. The fact is this is indeed a true statement. As a believer, it stung and helped me see that we should be forefront and walking this out in the body of Christ.

FeedHerCo initially started as a business and desire to see others grow in the word of God. It has since grown into a commitment to creating spaces dedicated to women feeding their spirits and encouraging one another to see that we truly are BETTER TOGETHER!

This is a PSA that we are creating a private Facebook group. The home of bible studies, girl talks, and spirit feeding.

All are welcome!

We are building something so much bigger than ourselves and need your help.

Please prayerfully consider joining our team and group here. WE NEED YOU!


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