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Table Talk!

You know how there are some moments where you'd really like to just sit down and talk to your girls? Like, have a honest, nonjudgmental, free flowing conversation... I've been blessed to have many of those in the last year, often! And although I hate to admit it, there were many times I just didn't want to talk to anyone! Thank God for my friends!

They will check me and bring me back to reality even when I'm running full speed in the opposite direction.

I decided to film or "Interview" my friends hence, Table Talk. I know some of you may very well be thinking "She got that idea from Jada's Red Table", I didn't. It also doesn't bother me that this is who these interviews will put you in a mind of. lol.

Now on FeedHer TV, located on the home page.

Our Why?

Although these conversations aren't scripted, they are free! Free in the essence of I don't discuss what ill be asking or guide them in how they should respond. These are questions I've been asked, wanted asked, or overheard others asking. We've become so consumed with getting information very few people check to see if the information is even accurate. HOW!? This is why #FeedHerTableTalk is so special to us. We believe in having a real relationship with God and it starts with us being real about how we feel. You're welcome to have a seat at our table as we discuss how we FeedHer & Trust HIM!


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