August "Style & Grace" Journal

August "Style & Grace" Journal

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"Style & Grace" journal is this months pick. Lets be honest, there's already so much happening aound us. Now more than ever we have to stay planted. Its cute to be pretty on the outside, but trust and believe we must be spiritually sound as well!


Each journal is accompanied with a gifted diamond pen*.


Have trouble reading the Bible, breaking down scripture, or looking for a new perspective when studying? This scripture journal was created just for YOU! Although its labeled "Journal" this isnt your typlical diary style notebook. Its packed with thought provoking questions that help you break down scripture so you can truly understand the heart of God (through christ) and apply it.


- Who was speaking in the scripture?

- Who were they speaking to?

- What is the root word of this scripture translated to in the Hebrew & Greek?

- What are you basing the scripture off of?


  • Gold metal spiral binding
  • Built in pocket folder
  • Size 7x9 for easy carrying
  • Journaling and note taking pages
  • Medium font for easy reading
  • 100 Pages

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